Bold Strokes Books Press Release

Bold Strokes Books has sent out the official press release announcing their acquisition of my novel, Blue Water Dreams.  It’s exhilarating to see this book get rolling.

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I now have an author’s page on the Bold Strokes Books website and a website of my own, here.  My other blog is sailing and traveling focused, but I have no plan to be strict in separating my world into writing and non-writing.  Funny, but everything I write feels like writing!

All that aside, I’m building a presence on the web.  Friend me wherever you find me and invite me if I’m missing out on a community somewhere.  Getting connected is my big goal right now, at least until the edited copy of my manuscript comes back for revision.

So, cue drumroll.  Here’s the press release:

October 1, 2013 Press Release:  New Title from Dena Hankins

Bold Strokes Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of  Dena Hankins’s new romance, Blue Water Dreams, scheduled for release in 2014 from Bold Strokes Liberty Editions.

Blue Water Dreams Coming in 2014

Lania Marchiol keeps a wary sailor’s gaze trained on the horizon. Somewhere out there, the perfect boat is waiting to take her around the world in a self-sufficient home powered by wind, sunshine, and the strength of her will. When she finds it, she’ll sell her beloved antique printing press, retire her renowned literary magazine, and wave good-bye to her life on land.

When a suave filmmaker flirts his way into her literary life, Lania must fight to maintain a steady heading toward the high seas. The magnetism of wickedly handsome trans man Oly Rassmussen sends her trusty compass spinning off course and they must reimagine freedom and love in order to sail together in the greatest adventure of all.

About the Author

Dena Hankins writes aboard her boat, whether on the high seas or in a quiet anchorage. She spent eight years as a sexpert at Babeland, soaking up the most stimulating stories of human sexuality, and is honored to provide some tales in return. Being a military brat, wanderlust is deep in her, and she has been sailing since 1999, covering waters from Seattle to San Francisco, across to Hawaii, and from Virginia to Maine. Her first three publications are erotic short stories with far-flung settings—India, North Carolina, and deep space. Whether traveling in the physical world or ranging far in her imagination, she is happiest accompanied by her partner of seventeen years.

Visit Dena Hankins’s Bio Page at Bold Strokes Books


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Bold Strokes Books Press Release

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