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My Bois Got Picked!

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February 14, 2014

I wrote a while back about submitting a story, Teamwork, to Sacchi Green for a boi-themed anthology.  Pending final Cleis Press acceptance, I’m in!

Thanks for choosing my story, Sacchi.  It’ll be great if we can do a reading for this book like we did for Girl Fever.  That was so much fun.

Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories

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February 12, 2014

I’m a featured author on Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories, reading from my short story, “Cooling Down, Heating Up”.  The story was published in Radclyffe’s lesbian romance anthology, Love Burns Bright.

Lizzie's Bedtime Stories Promo Image

I had so much fun recording this.  Liz gave me the run-down on how the recording would work and I did the reading.

Being able to stop and get things right is a pleasure.  Live readings require the ability to continue, move on, even in the face of big mistakes.  I was never fond of performing piano for others, mostly because of this inability to go back and get things right.  Though I have enjoyed performing more as I’ve gained confidence, the recording process is a profound comfort.

In the story, I have the pleasure of wrapping my tongue around the language of strap-on butt sex, long-term loves, and more.

Afterward, we talked a while.  She’s quite fascinating, and we traded stories a bit.  It’s a pleasure to talk to someone who is sexually literate and proud of it.  I love to write detailed fuck scenes based on my own sexual experiences mixed with imagination and a geeky fascination with the ways that bodies work.  What fun to talk to someone who appreciates that and does the same!

So thanks, Liz, and thanks to all of you who listen to the story.  If you prefer reading your porn rather than listening to it, any of my three published stories hit the hot spots.