Rachel Kramer Bussel Picks Symphony

me in a blue two-piece bathing suit floating in a crystal blue pool

And another short story has been chosen for publication!  “Symphony” was my submission for an anthology with a female fantasy theme.  I struggled over how to interpret that for a little while and then decided to write the fantasy itself rather than the frame story of the person fantasizing.  Guess that worked out!

In “Symphony”, a musicologist masturbates for her colleagues so they can use her sounds to create music that can make listeners come.  This story was inspired by a Kate Bush song about the opposite – “what they wanted was a sound that could kill someone from a distance” – made much, much more pleasurable.

I don’t have a publication date yet, but I imagine it will be in 2015.  As always, there’s one more hurdle – the Cleis Press editing round, but I’m more than hopeful that I will make the cut.  Fun stuff!

Rachel Kramer Bussel Picks Symphony

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