Good Vibrations in San Francisco

That title works in so many ways.  I was in SF for back-to-back nights at the Polk Street Good Vibrations, reading and then workshop in the Antique Vibrator Museum.  The timing gave me a nice long stretch for just enjoying the city (cities, really, because I spent a couple days in Oakland and Berkeley before switching sides of the Bay).

The seats were filled, people sat on the floor, and even more peered in from the hallway for the readings.  Clifford Henderson started us off on a rollicking trip with Rest Home Runaways.  Fabulous book – I even reviewed it on GoodreadsEric Andrews-Katz, Kathleen Knowles, and Felice Picano kept the crowd enthusiastic, and I finished the evening with the furniture-breaking sex scene from Blue Water Dreams, truncated slightly for time constraints.

Good Vibrations in San Francisco

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