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Daphne’s Pain and Sorrow

by , on
November 18, 2019

I read somewhere that you should always be mean to your characters. Writing romance, that applies anywhere but the end.

Working on Indoor Boh, though, it has a broader application.

I’d feel badly, but you gotta break some eggs…

Albemarle Sound and south!

by , on
December 3, 2017

The writing is still taking a backseat to the traveling, but we’re talking through plot twists and character traits more often.

If it’s going to happen organically, I’d say I’m about a week from reopening the first draft of Indoor Boh.

Still on vacation

by , on
November 22, 2017

If sailing, being underway, is my favorite state of being, it has to be more than just a vacation.

Yesterday, James and I did a project and then I did a bit of editing on my friend Prakash’s website. It’s the beginning of the shift from carefree vacation days to the real life of work and pleasure.

What a glorious way to live!

Glorious Day

by , on
November 13, 2017

Today, I set sail. James and I. We left Mill Creek, off Whitehall Bay, across the Severn River from Annapolis, and sailed south. Oxford, MD, provided the anchorage and now we’re at rest. It’s a chill, mean, glorious day.