Dena is underway more often than not, but is usually accessible by email.

If you would like to speak to or message her, connect on WhatsApp.

Though Dena understands that this is odd, she doesn’t check her Facebook or Twitter accounts very often.

Excellent! Dena is an accomplished speaker and gives dynamic readings of her work. Email her to arrange a booking.

Dena has years of experience in facilitating workshops. She can engage with a group on topics such as using erotica to spice up your sex life, gender and sexual orientation, and many others.

Dena also has moderated discussions of her work and provided background and context when readers disagree or want to know more. Support groups, activists, and others have enjoyed her visits to their regular meetings.

Sounds like fun. Please send an email to her.

Dena owns the copyright to all of her short stories and novels. Send her an email explaining what portion you would like to republish and where/for what purpose.

Not as of yet, but Lysistrata Cove would make a great movie!

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