Love and Pennies

Love & Pennies

by Dena Hankins

First published in 2024
Stand-alone Erotica short story

Perfect Paul, the computer-generated voice of NOAA marine weather radio, droned on about the current conditions in places she didn’t give a fuck about and then restarted the offshore forecast. She wrote it down in the ship’s log so she could be sure to repeat the information correctly, without exaggerating or downplaying the danger, then hit the button to set the radio back on the hailing-and-distress VHF Channel 16.

His watch wouldn’t be over for nearly an hour, but the worsening storm required all hands on deck. Since there were only four hands on the entire boat, she needed to gear up and get into the weather. Smartwool leggings and long-sleeved undershirt, Grundens thermal tights, the Irish wool Arran-knit sweater he’d given her for a birthday eleven years before, orange rubberized bib pants and coat, and rubber boots.

“Fuck.” She should have dumped her menstrual cup. “Fucking bibs.”

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