The cover for the short story titled "Partners", showing sailboat rigging, a blue sky with some clouds, empty water, and a text bar that says "a lesbian threesome by dena hankins"

by Dena Hankins

First published in 2024
Stand-alone Erotica short story

Ross leaned into the lazarette, checking out the capacious storage space. Her eyebrow rose at the extraordinary tidiness of the million-and-one-things a boater needs. These women keep things neat, clean, and organized. Are they any fun?

“We’ll be down below. Let us know if you have any questions.” The one with the great butt spoke. Without commenting, Ross watched the couple descend the ladder inside the companionway. She resumed her survey of the sailboat she was considering buying into.

Tight finances pushed this couple into offering a one-third stake in the ownership of their thirty-foot sloop. As detail after detail checked out, Ross wondered how they felt about the idea. From the sailing rig to the ground tackle, throughout the boat, every part showed practicality and pride in the work they’d done. Would these women be nightmares for the part-owner out of resentment? Would their finicky nature get on her nerves?

Ross crouched in the companionway, scanning the hatch and coamings for evidence of cracks or stress in the fiberglass. The women had been talking about dinner plans, but their conversation lagged as they glanced over at Ross.

“Can we go for a test sail?”

The women looked at one another in wordless communication. “Sure.”

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