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Gender Justice League and Home

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September 17, 2014

In Seattle, I stopped by Babeland, where I’d worked from 1998 to 2000.  At some point, we made a photo book and these were the two I’d chosen.  Me looking boyish and a wedding photo.  Pretty cute.


I also got a shot of the first apartment building James and I lived in together.  FUCC, a pirate radio station I DJed on, was in the basement with us.


I stayed with an amazing person named Phoenix, who provided me with the most decadent guest room experience of the trip.  Her home is gorgeous.

PhoenixHouseFrontWe went out for Thai food before the event and had a great talk that primed me for reading.

The Gender Justice League in Seattle is…well, it’s home territory.  I felt so welcome and comfortable there that I let myself get really open and personal.  What a lovely way to do a reading and discussion!

We talked about my characters, the storyline, the queer publishing industry.  My favorite moment – like swooning with joy – involved two attendees getting into a passionate disagreement over conflicting interpretations of Oly’s relationships to his own cock – the one that grew on T – and his silicone cock – the dildo he uses in the sex scene I’d read aloud.  Real discussion about my real book and the real author’s real intent!  Yep – geek heaven.


I signed some copies for the people who remained afterward and slept like a rock that night.  The next morning, I did what I wish I could do every morning.


Vivace.  Holy shit, that’s good.

And then I drove to Moses Lake to see my dad.  Hi, Dad!


6 City Book Tour for Blue Water Dreams

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August 12, 2014

I am touring the Pacific Northwest to promote my upcoming Seattle-set queer/trans* romance, Blue Water Dreams, published by Bold Strokes Books and available now for preorder.  The tour mixes book readings, discussions, erotica workshops, and visits to interested groups.  I am available for interviews and welcome requests for review copies.

Publishers Weekly has this to say about Blue Water Dreams:  “Seattleites Lania Marchiol, a cisgender woman, and Oly Rasmussen, a transgender man, meet by chance and quickly bond over shared interests…and when Lania and Oly set their differences aside and embrace their sexual chemistry, the scenes are graceful, sure, and spicy.”

Tacoma, WA:
Gender Alliance of the South Sound, Reading and Discussion, 9/12/14, 7pm

Vancouver, BC:
Art of Loving, Reading and Discussion, 9/15/14, 7:30pm

Seattle, WA:
Gender Justice League, Visit, 9/16/14, 7pm
Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up, Conference, 9/20/14, 10am

Olympia, WA:
Orca Books, Group Reading, 9/21/14, 3pm

Portland, OR
In Other Words Feminist Community Center, Erotica Workshop, 9/23/14, 6pm

San Francisco, CA:
Good Vibrations Polk Street, Group Reading, 9/29/14, 6:30pm
Good Vibrations Polk Street, Erotica Workshop, 9/30/14, 6:30pm

About me: Dena Hankins writes aboard her boat, wherever she has sailed it.  After eight years as a sex educator, she turned to writing dirty tales with far-flung settings and a queer/trans* romance novel, Blue Water Dreams, about magnetism and self-sufficiency.  Read more:

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Gearing Up for Seattle’s Gay Romance Northwest Meetup

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July 9, 2014

The Meetup is a one-day conference with both writer and reader events.  See me there on the 20th of September, or somewhere else on that coast around that time.  I’m talking to the Gender Justice League in Seattle and Orca Books in Olympia, plus I have dates penciled for Good Vibes and the Center for Sex and Culture later that month in San Francisco.