Blue Water Dreams Progress

Last night, I sent my editor, Cindy Cresap, the revised version of my manuscript for Bold Strokes Books.  It was tremendously improved by her input, from details of grammar to how the big scene should roll out.

She got it back to me mid-April and I’m surprised it took me so long to send it back.  In the non-writer’s world, I was working full-time and overtime, with a visit to my family in Montana in the middle of it all. The flight time was productive, but otherwise, I’ve scraped out time to work on it. In the interests of GSD (getting shit done, of course), I got a little baby computer–an Asus Transformer–and I did almost all the final work on the B train between Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and mid-town Manhattan.

This is the real world, but I can’t help hoping that I’ll be able to focus better on the next draft.  I’ve quit my job and will be sailing the Long Island Sound for the next couple of weeks.  Our final deadline is June 15, and I’ll be able to turn around drafts much quicker without a day job.

I can’t wait to hear her feedback on the edits!

Blue Water Dreams Progress

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