Proofing the Galleys

I turned in the proof table for Blue Water Dreams!

This is my first experience of proofing my own writing within very narrow parameters.  The galleys are semi-final and no changes are allowed simply to improve the flow of a sentence or to clarify something or most of the other usual reasons for making a change.  Only actual errors can be changed at this phase, and it’s tough, reading through my manuscript without seeking ways of improving it.

I found a couple of typos and a couple factual errors.  My only other changes were niggling punctuation things.

That’s it. My pre-production work is done on this book.

Now I need to sell it!  Let me know if you have suggestions – communities that might want a reading, groups I should approach.  I’ve contacted a bunch of organizations and book stores on the West Coast, but let me know if you have resource ideas!

Proofing the Galleys

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