Demo Bottom

Demo Bottom

Sometimes I write from life closely enough that I ask permission before submitting a story. This is one such piece and I’m still blown away by what I learned at that piercing workshop!

by Dena Hankins

First published in 2024
The Big Book of Quickies, 69 erotic stories

The last-minute call for a replacement demo bottom piqued my interest. I’d been attending a BDSM group’s monthly meetings for a while, but since the group was trans-focused and I was gender-creative at most, I tended to stay in the background.

I was just glad to find this energetic group of queer radical trans folk and selected friends with their poverty-punk vibe, and it was the only kinky group I’d been to where the clothes and gear were mostly found, homemade, adapted, or deep-thrift scores. Kink can be hella expensive but it doesn’t have to be.

The person leading that particular skill share was familiar to me and I knew her pronouns, but I didn’t know her well. Klara wore flowing skirts and had dark flyaway hair, a big belly, and a body that pumped out heat. I liked her hugs.

Klara was a community badass doing harm reduction work around needles for the Berkeley Free Clinic. With her, a needle-play workshop felt like playing with serious matters in an intriguing way. Like she would respect what it means to be move sharp metal into and out of skin. Didn’t hurt (so to speak) that she had the most up-to-date knowledge of best practices for safe needle usage.

I sent her a message and a brisk negotiation sealed the deal. When I arrived a bit early as requested, Klara talked me through her class outline and we agreed on some things. I’d be topless. She could pierce me below the neck and above the navel. Percussion play over the needles was encouraged. I may have even winked on that one. Since she’d be teaching, her focus would be split between me and the learners.

Folks streamed into the room and I felt special, set apart. Rather than chatting with friends, I greeted them but focused on my night’s top. Her laugh boomed through the room and she shot wicked glances at me while talking to others.

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