Evidence of Time

Evidence of time

by Dena Hankins

First published in 2024
Stand-alone Erotica short story

Ellie gripped Siobhan’s hand and looked down at it. Her thumb pressed lightly against the resilient, collagen-plumped skin and she smiled before looking back up at the woman she’d just been introduced to. Not a child, no, but thin in history. Siobhan might be fascinating, might be full of stories, but they were not yet written on her body in Ellie’s favorite language.

Like others, Ellie was fascinated by a scar with an exciting story attached, and she loved looking at, touching, and hearing about people’s tattoos. Through endurance and existence, though, life marked the body in ways that gave Ellie deeper, more visceral reactions. Folds and thin skin, stretch marks and wrinkles were her kink.

This particular garden-party orgy held promise. There were butch-femme couples looking for unicorns, community karaoke stars, lesbians hunting equality-fucks, honored Elders and fresh meat, dykes looking for more diesel, and incredible spreads of food and drink to help everyone fuel up for finding pleasure on the lawn or in the bushes. Did Ellie know an overwhelming majority of the invitees? Sure, but she didn’t necessarily need The Strange. She needed the inimitable wiry, delicate self-knowledge of the experienced fuck.

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