Geothermal Heat

geothermal heat

by Dena Hankins

First published in January 2024
Stand-alone Erotica short story

When her hard nipples rose to my mouth, you’d have thought I was getting through to her. Her back had arched off the soft bedsheets and she’d moaned, but it all happened just a little out of sync with what Jimi was doing to her down below. I couldn’t see what exactly because he doesn’t eat pussy like a pornstar–distance tonguing and flickflick—he dives into that shit and makes the world quake.

I could imagine, though. We’ve been together a couple years and they have certainly been the best sex years of my life. Between the ways we please each other and the ways we enjoy other women together, I honestly can’t see an end to this. We haven’t made any promises, mostly because I’m leery of claiming to know what my future self will want or be like, but we’re learning how to grow together. I think I like it.

So when we got the come-on from Megan, the only other person to arrive a day early for this group vacation, we shared a telling glance and got down to building some sexual tension. I love that part.

Doe Bay is a magical enabler of sexiness. It’s an old hippy hangout with clothing optional hot, warm, and cold tubs on a deck overlooking the other San Juan Islands and the mountains of northern Washington. A spacious sauna rounds out the decadent physical pleasures that come with the price of a cabin. Nothing makes me feel more vital than letting steam rise from my overheated skin while leaning nude on the railing of the deck, watching the chilly Puget Sound waves beat against the stubborn Orcas Island rock.

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