My favorite story in the collection was Gift by Dena Hankins...Gift not only turned me on, but deeply moved me as well...For the first time, my eyes welled with tears while reading erotica – a true testament to the undeniable beauty of Gift and Dena Hankins’ talent as an author.
My favorite story was the very touching Gift by Dena Hankins...Their love is honest as well as very very hot and the toy just adds a special light touch. Wonderfully written and selected for inclusion.
Dena Hankins' Gift really was. This is a romantic lesbian drama touched me most. I love older women and this was definitely beautifully written and simply delectable.

“Gift” represents that moment when I manage to write what I know – sex toys – while pushing into the unknown at the same time.  This lesbian couple in their 70’s explore new territory and bask in their joy.


by Dena Hankins

Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

I recline on the ramp-shaped cushion Margaret made us. She’s between my legs on a footstool, lubricating her hands. She rubs the silky white fluid into her skin like lotion.

Her knobby knuckles arrest my attention. They shock me with their girth, every time. I’m fascinated by these strong, delicate, painful hands, practicing a new skill in her late sixties.

Her lips curve as she looks me over. “Ready?”

“I could use a little pillow.”

“Of course.” She leans to the side slowly, favoring her healing hip. My feet are propped on chairs, extra pillows piled along the arms. I’m quite comfortable and Margaret can reach me without bending or stretching. She offers me a pillow with her lubricated hand and we both laugh. I put the pillow behind my head.

Margaret adds two more pumps of lube into her cupped palm, dips some up, and spreads it on my thin pussy lips. Slipping her fingers between them, she feeds moisture to my inner lips, over the hood of my clitoris. I clench a little as she swipes lower.

She presses the lube into my cunt, feeding it with her thumb and then spreading it in and around with her finger. Her skin is slick and soft, her nails too thin and well trimmed to scratch me where I’m tender. She rubs the remaining lube into her hands and then begins pressing, pinching, and pulling my labia. “Wake up,” she murmurs. When I laugh, she glances up with that devilish grin. Oh, how I love the way she looks at me!

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