World travelers Molly and Thomas get a visit from their friend Cybele when her marriage blows up. They’re living in Goa, India, and Cybele thinks that’s just about far enough away to give her time and space to heal. Molly wonders, though, whether there isn’t another motive for the visit since Cybele’s marriage wasn’t satisfying her sexually and there’s always been some serious sexual tension between these three. A beach paradise is just the place to find out whether their chemistry is as explosive as it’s always seemed.


  • “Goa” by Dena Hankins…was fantastic and almost entirely made up of smut. It includes a wonderfully detailed MFF threesome…that I absolutely loved. -Bex Talks Sex
  • …real and sexy as hell. …it’s refreshing to see realistic, consensual sex practices in erotica – for the most part “Goa” feels like a detailed account of an actual steamy threesome. -Barbara, SexLife Canada

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by Dena Hankins

Previously published in
2013 in Twice the Pleasure, Cleis Press, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
2015 in Breathless, Explicit Books 

Stand-alone Erotica short story

Thomas and I waved to get Cybele’s attention in the airport. When she lit up, waved back, and headed toward us, I squeezed his hand in relief. We’d been worried about her state of mind. The full day of flying to get to Mumbai and then Goa beat the stuffing out of most people, and she’d been going through hard times.

Cybele and Willa split up recently after an eight-year marriage and the end was excruciating for them both. For some reason Willa got the house, which whatever…not my relationship. Cybele moved out and, the very next day, applied to renew her expired passport so she could get away from Baltimore. India was about far enough.

Thomas and I were notoriously footloose, but we’d been seduced to stay a while in Colva. I was thrilled to introduce her to the beach, the Arabian Sea, the glorious plants, and—oh my god—the Goan seafood.

Rather than stay in our tiny one-room rental house, Cybele had insisted on having her own hotel room for the two weeks she’d be in Goa. In front of the ten thousand gods and everyone, we exchanged long, tight hugs and gave each other smacking kisses on the lips.

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