Lysistrata Cove

...the sex itself is intense, vivid and well-delineated. Remarkably, author Dena Hankins has mastered the art of casual inclusion... If Neal Stephenson, author of such sci-fi classics as Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon, wrote BDSM erotica, tonally it would feel a lot like Lysistrata Cove.

Jack Azevedo captains his charter sailboat in the Caribbean. Life can’t get any better, especially once he discovers a mysterious uncharted island with a sugar-sand cove for his passengers to enjoy and an intriguing, if angry, inhabitant.

Superstar Eve La Sirena has an illicit plan to restore creative freedom to musicians worldwide…if she can keep an ocean between her public and her secrets. Jack’s arrival exposes her island retreat and jeopardizes years of work, but his sweet generosity whets her cruel appetites.

As a transmasculine gender explorer and BDSM bottom, Jack’s used to flouting convention, not the law. When Eve’s clandestine project draws three kinds of cops, everything he has is endangered. Will the maelstrom of emotion strip the civilized veneer from his piratical heart?


One thought on “Lysistrata Cove

  1. A wonderful read!
    Dena’s fast paced dialog and sexy situations play like a naughty version of His Girl Friday only less insulting! I couldn’t help it, I saw the whole book in black and white in my imagination, and oh my god, you should’ve seen the costumes!

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